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Dawn of Wonder: The Wakening, Book 1

Calamity: The Reckoners, Book 3

The Red Sea: The Cycle of Galand, Book 1

The Silent Tempest: Embers of Illeniel, Book 2

Son of the Black Sword: Saga of the Forgotten Warrior, Book 1

The Mountains Rise: Embers of Illeniel, Book 1

The Death of Dulgath: The Riyria Chronicles, Book 3

The Black Star: The Cycle of Arawn: Book 3

Fool's Quest: Book II of the Fitz and the Fool trilogy

Fool's Assassin: Book One of the Fitz and the Fool Trilogy

Queen of Fire: A Raven's Shadow Novel, Book 3

First Lord's Fury: Codex Alera Book 6

Princeps' Fury: Codex Alera Book 5

Captain's Fury: Codex Alera Book 4

Cursor's Fury: Codex Alera, Book 3

Academ's Fury: Codex Alera, Book 2

Furies of Calderon: Codex Alera, Book 1

Scarlet Tides


Mage's Blood

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My Review - The Skull Throne Bk 4

This book I was somewhat disappointed in, mainly because I think I over hyped it. The book provided great background on the structure of the kingdoms and sets a great story for the final book but I would have liked a lot more action and more demon fighting. 

My Review - Circle of Reign

So far this book as been quite good. I would recommend the title if you like Brandon Sanderson and any writers similar to his style and genre. I think in some parts it may be a little bit too complex for the sake of complexity, but still a great read.

My Review - The Shadow of What Was Lost

I really liked this (Book One) because it was narrated by Michael Kramer, who tells the story extremely well. The book talks about essence and the ablility to use a second power (you will need to read) to augment another. It is not as creative as some writers in the area of magical powers but still a very good book that I finished in a week. 

My Review - Sterling: Mageri 

This title was recommended to me by a friend and I have to be honest I could not finish it.. I felt like I was reading a romance noval that tried to be more interesting than it was. In the end, just not my kind of book. 

My Review - Shards of a Broken Crown

I started this book but haven't managed to finish it yet, I think because I had left it too long between Book Three and Book Four in this series to remember what is happening. I will need to go back and read the last few chapters from book three to do it justice. I really like Feist as an author, so I have no doubt this will be excellent. 

My Review - Blood of Innocents 

This is an Australian author and these books represent some great writing similar to that of my favourite authors. I liked his first book in this series so much that half way through I made sure I purchased this copy as well, so I wouldn't have to take a break in between. In some places it can be annoying as the hero starts to work out his powers and obvious traps are fallen into, but the magic usage is explained differently with A LOT of scope for more uses. Interestingly - the author now has been picked up by a major publishing company and these books are being re-worked for a new release. 

My Review - Crucible of Souls 

This is the first book I have read by Mitchell Hogan (Australian author) and it is fantastic! I really like the way the author talks about the journey to discover the nature of the various magics. It can be a bit slow in parts and the hero certainly can act 'dumb' in spots but I really enjoyed it nevertheless. 

My Review - Messenger's Legacy

So, as I awaited the release of The Skull Throne I needed a 'fix' as I really like this series. Its very short but was good to get some background story around the main characters. 

My Review - The Phoenix Transformed

It is not very often you can read three books in a series in a row but happily, this series was one. After 75 listening hours I thought that the ending was great and I can recommend this series for the general epic fantasy fan. 

My Review - The Phoenix Endangered

I really really liked this series and the finish was great! I had read the previous series and found that while the 'enemy' in this series was not developed anywhere near enough, the way Wild magic and High magic worked together in different ways meant it was still enjoyable. 

My Review - The Phoenix Unchained

This series follows on from The Obsidian Trilogy and I really enjoyed the epic story involving two forms of magic, High and Wild. I really recommend this book for those getting into longer epic fantasy reading titles as it's easy to read and the characters are very likeable. 

My Review - Renegade's Magic

After reading the other two books in this series I really found this one a struggle as it lingered two long on the plight of the hero. I would have liked more action and magic being controlled, instead of the complaining in this one. The series as a whole is good but I was tiring of it at the end... 

My Review - Forest Mage

Being the second book, I was hoping that it would get better but by the end it focused too much on the hero's struggle and was still missing the build up to him working out his powers. I will persist into the third book though, just to finish the series. 

My Review - Sharman's Crossing

The book was 'okay' but needed more use of his powers to keep me really entertained. I will see how it goes into book two. 

My Review - Fool's Errand

Like all Robin Hobb books this series is based around a set of connected lands and the various characters and families that make up the region and its magics. This book follows on with FitzChivalry and his days as an assassin and I found it very enjoyable. Don't start at this series though! You need to read the assassin series first. 

My Review - The Golden Fool

I really like Fitz as a character as he developed in this book. The fact that Robin didn't dwell on the shortcomings is great as it still made you like him. I couldn't put this one down and bought the second last one straight away. 

My Review - Fool's Fate

For me, this final book actually bought together a lot of other stories within Robin Hobb's various series. You could guess the ending but not to the extent that you felt let down. Liked this series almost as much as the Rain Wild Chronicles.

My Review - Streams of Silver


My Review - City of Heavenly Fire


My Review - Tower Lord


My Review - Blood Song

My Review - Prince of Fools

My Review - Shattered

My Review - Divergent 

My Review - The Crystal Shard

My Review - Thief's Magic

My Review - Passage to Dawn Bk 4

My Review - Sojourn Dark Elf Trilogy Bk 3

My Review - Sojourn Dark Elf Trilogy Bk 2

Balanced on the Blade's Edge, Dragon Blood, Book 1

Death maker, Dragon Bloods Series, Book 2

Blood Charged, Dragon Blood Series, Book 3

The Crown Tower: The Riyria Chronicles, Book 1

The Rose and the Thorn: The Riyria Chronicles, Book 2

Unholy War: The Moontide Quartet, Book 3

Shadows of Self

The White Tree: The Cycle of Arawn: Book I

The Great Rift: The Cycle of Arawn: Book 2

Hand of Mars: Starship's Mage, Book 2

The Bands of Mourning

Staked (The Iron Druid Chronicles)

Dragon Fate: War of the Blades, 1

Dragon Blade: War of the Blades, Book 2