Week 9, Winter Term 2017

Director of Residential Life


Marcus Wilkinson

Director of Residential Life


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Upcoming Events

Tuesday 10 October

Houses Open 3.30pm

All Boys Return by 5.30pm


Wednesday 11 October

Spring Term


SPIRIT Award Dinner


Thursday 12 October

Residential Farewell Dinner
6.30pm Freshwater YC.


Friday 13 October

Y12 March Out


Margaret River FD1


Saturday 14 October

MS 2018 Allwell Testing


2018 Y7 and 8 October


Margaret River FD2

From The Director of Residential Life

Firstly, I would like to apologise to anyone who took my advice literally last week about the Eagles beating the Giants by 18 points. What was I thinking?? Maybe the Dockers can win a premiership this week against Subiaco.


Holidays are here and the boys are ready!!!  We hope you all have a terrific break.


The year group pages have been updated, so please take the time to look through them.



Next term we welcome five new boys into our Residential Community.


Year 9 (Academic Year 10)

Tom Delroy
Flynn Le Cornu
​Daniel Messina
Hayden Messina


Year 11

Jack Mitchell


Community Grand Finals

Last weekend saw a number of our boys take part in community sport Grand Finals and we had a great deal of success with the Swanbourne and Claremont clubs winning various premierships across the age groups.  Our boys thoroughly enjoy playing within the community teams and we are very appreciative of the families who support the boys by taking them to training and games.



Highland Games

On Friday, the Middle School will be participating in the Highland games. The Highland games were once a tradition at the College but has been missing from the calendar for a number years until it was resurrected in 2016. The boys are very excited about the day and to be honest, who wouldn't be with activities like the Tug-o-war, Kiltie Dash, Spear Throw, Highland Steps, Stone Throw, Sack Race, Hale Bale Challenge, Skipping Challenge and Welly Throw, it sure looks like it will be an exciting event.


The only dampener on the horizon is the weather as the outlook does not look all that good for tomorrow.


Scotch College's Academic Check Up

In your inbox, you would have received an email from me regarding the launch of our Academic Check Up programme.

The Academic Check Up is designed for families in regional areas who have boys in Years 2 to Year 10 and would like to gain an understanding of how their son is performing academically compared to the boys of the same age and cohort here at Scotch College.


While we understand that for many of you the Academic Check Up will not be relevant, you may know families in your areas that may be interested.


The Academic Check Up invites families to come to Scotch College to sit the academic testing that we normally ask our Year 7 and 8 boys to complete prior to their commencement, as well as lunch and a tour of the school. Families will then receive a letter outlining their son’s areas of strength and development and will include suggested material that will support them in improving their learning.


The Academic Check Up is being offered at no cost and is open to all families in regional areas. Even if families are not intending on sending their boys to Scotch College, we welcome them to come along for an Academic Check Up and a look around the College.


Within the email you received, there was a letter attached that outlines the Academic Check Up and we encourage you to use it for your own children or please forward the email on to any families who you believe may be interested.


The programme will be offered on Saturday 14 October 2017 with registrations closing on Wednesday 4 October 2017.


Personal Projects

Last Friday was the Show Case for this year's Personal Projects and as usual there were some outstanding contributions. The highlights for me was an air hockey table, a remote-controlled surf lifesaving device, a magnificently crafted table (Liam McCreery), a trout fish farming concept (Toby Egerton-Warburton) and a rebuilt motorbike. Overall, it was a very impressive display.


Boarding Away From Home Allowance

Unfortunately, this week we received a letter from the State Government outlining that the Boarding Away from Home Allowance is going to be reduced over the upcoming years.  


For 2018, the allowance will be $1948 and then will reduce to the following;

2019: $1791
2020: $1634
2021: $1477
2022: $1320


If you have any questions regarding the Boarding Away from Home Allowance, then please either phone the Student Allowances Officer on 9264 4516 or email student.allowances@education.wa.edu.au. These contact details are within the Education Department and not related to Scotch College.


Exam Timetables

The exam timetables have been finalised and they can be viewed HERE!!


Blazer Dry Cleaning and Buttons

As we draw to the end of Winter Term we have noticed that a lot of the boy's blazers are looking like they need a good clean and replacement of a few buttons. We have made arrangements with our local dry cleaners who will come and collect the blazers, clean them, sew on any replacement buttons and return them to us prior to the beginning of next term.


The cost for the dry cleaning will be $15 per blazer and then an additional cost of approximately $4 for the button and it's attachment.


The House Mothers and Residential Heads of Years will be inspecting all the boys blazers and if they think they need a clean and repair, then they will collect them and send them away. The cost involved will be charged to your account. If you would prefer to do this yourself, then please contact your House Mother who will endeavour to make sure that your son's blazer makes it home to you.



Just a gentle reminder that if you are purchasing any new clothes over the holiday break, can you please remember to make sure that every item is clearly labeled (sewn on name label) upon returning. Our lost property baskets are over flowing and we don't wish to add any more clothes to the pile. If you wish to purchase any labels you will find the order form within the FORMS section above.


Haircuts and Nits!!

While you have your son home over the break can we please ask that you check their hair for nits and allow them to have their hair cut at their favourite barber or hairdresser before they return.


Managing hairstyles is one of our greatest frustrations and we would really like to avoid the conflict that arises over these by asking that you have your son's haircut (and styled) to the expectations outlined by the Headmaster.


We have organised for a barber to be in the Year 10 to 12 House on the Wednesday night after the boys return to cut (I mean style) any boys hair who needs it.  The cost of these haircuts will be charged to the boys account.


Start to Next Term

Please note that Spring Term commences on Wednesday 11 October and therefore would like all boys to be back into the Residential Community prior to 5.30pm on the Tuesday night. We are aware that there are some circumstances where this may not be possible but would like all families to try where they can to please adhere to the above request. Dinner will be served from 5.30pm and you are more than welcome to join your son in the Dining Hall.


Spring Term Week 1

We have a very busy start to next term and it all begins when the boys arrive back to us on the Tuesday night ready for Wednesday.


On Wednesday night, we have the presentation of the SPIRIT award and we are very pleased to welcome the Higham family back to Scotch to present the award. On the Thursday night, we have the Year 12 Residential Graduation Dinner at the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club closely followed by March Out the next day. Summer sport kicks off again on the Saturday as well as our October Orientation Sleepover for our new Year 7 and 8 boys who are starting with us in 2018. From there the weeks just roll on through to Christmas!!


Year 12 Boarders Farewell Dinner - Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club

Invitations to this event, along with the link to our bookings page, was emailed out earlier this week. Just in case you missed it the invitation is below and the booking link is here.  Please check the email for further information about the conclusion to the year and specific details about the farewell dinner.

From Last Week

PSA Athletics

Last Friday's PSA Athletics was an extremely close affair with only 50 odd points separating Aquinas, Scotch and Hale for most of the day.  Unfortunately for us, the end results showed a clear win to Hale, who scored 1650 points, and an extremely narrow (1.5 points) third place for us to Aquinas.  All in all, it was a terrific day, both weather and competition wise out at A.K. Reserve and our boys should be very proud of their performances.


As a Residential Community, we congratulate Reuben Westerman from our Year 9 House, who set a new PSA record in the Under 15 High Jump.  He beat the previous record of 1.90m by 1cm to clear 1.91m, the previous record was also held by current Scotch student Sean Szalek.


We hope you all have a fantastic break!!