Week 9, Winter Term 2017

Residential Head of Year 11


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Residential Head of Year 11


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From the Residential Head of Year 11 - September 2017

Another term has come to an end and I have no doubt the boys are relieved to have finished their examinations and are looking forward to what is nearly a three week break for them before starting their Year 12 journey.


I must say that I have been very impressed with the diligences and effort the boys have put in to their studies this term. There is a positive correlation between effort and results, so the boys should be confident of performing well.


As the year has progressed, it has been very pleasing to read and receive comments from the boarding staff about how much the boys have matured, their co-operative behaviour and their general positive attitude around the house.  I must say that I’m looking forward to the positive contribution they can make to boarding in their final year.


Leadership Training

During this term the boys have attended two 1.5 hour sessions conducted by Mike Foley. Mike was an ex-coach of The Force, has played rugby for Australia and has worked with a number of AFL clubs on leadership models, relationships and culture within an organization.  I was very impressed by the way the boys embraced these sessions and the participation shown by all boys was gratifying indeed.


The boys have also come up with what they want to leave as their legacy when they leave Year 12. The theme for 2018 is “Brotherhood”.


Mr. Wilkinson and I are looking forward to being part of the boy’s vision and seeing how they will go about implementing this theme.


The Year 12 boys will have one more session with Mike Foley to cement their thinking and consolidate what has been covered previously.


Cblu for breakfast and Wembley for golf

Once again the boys enjoyed a big breakfast at Cblu which is the restaurant attached to the OBH. If you are ever looking for a cheap breakfast of good quality, you can’t go past this place; a definite winner with the boys.

It’s also very enjoyable to hit a few range balls at Wembley on a Sunday afternoon. The boys really like this activity and their impersonations of ‘Happy Gilmour’ is quite amusing. If you have not been to visit Wembley lately, it certainly is worth a visit. The restaurant area is great and the new putt-putt is fantastic.


As of next term, the boys will be able to keep their phones and computers in their rooms overnight. As a Year 12 we believe that the boys need to learn to take responsibility for their actions as this is part of the process of preparing boys for life after Scotch.



As you will be aware the school has been enforcing standards regarding hair and in particular shaving. As was mentioned in the last newsletter, there will be a hairdresser coming to the house on the first Wednesday. I still would encourage boys to return from the holidays looking the part. For a number of boys, shaving is now becoming the norm. If this is the case for your son, shaving on a daily basis is a must. Can you please ensure he has shaving cream and razors?


I hope the boys have a great break with their respective families and come back refreshed and ready to meet the challenges of their final year in school.


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