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From the Residential Head of Year 12 - September 2017

End of an era

It’s hard to believe that this group of young men are on the verge of graduating from Scotch. They can certainly be proud of what they have achieved in their leadership of the residential community over the past 12 months; the tone that they have set within the boarding house has been excellent and their good humour and mateship have been hallmarks of their time in boarding.


We have already said farewell to the boys who completed the VET programme, whilst the WACE and IB Diploma students are now getting set into their study routines in preparation for the Mock examinations over the holidays and their final examinations in November. The maturity and self-discipline that they have already demonstrated since finishing formal classes on Wednesday has been excellent, and we look forward to supporting them in any way that we can during this stressful and demanding period.


I look forward to catching up with all of the parents and boys at the Year 12 Boarders’ Dinner on Thursday 12th October – this night certainly promises to be an entertaining and enjoyable experience (I believe the details and invitations have been sent out via email this week). Then we have the other ‘rites of passage’, including March Out on Friday 13th October and the Valedictory Dinner for all Year 12 boys on Friday 24th November.


Finally, I can honestly say that it has been both a privilege and an honour to work with these young men, and parents, for the past three years. To the parents, I would like to thank you for your support of all the staff who have worked in boarding over the last five, or for some of you, six years – we have certainly valued it. To the boys, I would like to thank them for their contributions, their support and the trust, loyalty and respect that they have displayed in all my dealings with them – it has been very much appreciated, not just by me, but all those who have worked within the residential community.




Boarding Captain's Report - Brynn Teakle

It has been the second year that the Residential Community has been dispersed across the day houses, giving many of the boys the opportunity to socialise and work with a range of different people. Nonetheless, the Residential Community has maintained its solidarity through the Bibbulmun Track, Highlander activities, regular Wednesday meetings, fundraising activities and many recreational outings.


The Bibbulmun Track expedition has become a hallmark of the boarding programme within Scotch College. This year, fourteen Year 12 boarders visited the track one last time, completing the 1003 km journey to Albany and officially becoming “End-to-Enders.” It is also good to see a great deal of boys taking on the challenge in Year 8 as well as the Year 9-11 boys who are continuing their experience on the track. Although I didn’t start the Bibbulmun Track, I definitely encourage all boys to give it a go because the memories and experiences you get from it will be greatly valued for the rest of your time at Scotch and beyond.


The Highlanders have continued to play a pivotal role in integrating the older and younger boys within the boarding community. Despite the limited sporting activities, such as the soccer and the dodge ball earlier in the year, our Wednesday meetings proved to be our best opportunity for interaction between all the boys. We were fortunate enough to have Digby Edwards come in and speak to the boys about his battle with cancer as well as an interview with one of the Gap Students, Simon from South Africa. We also had a number of puzzles, quizzes and games for competition between the groups as well as footy tipping throughout the season. Some of the Year 12 boys enjoyed the opportunity to cook a BBQ for the 7/8 boys for dinner, which was followed by games of pool, table tennis and basketball. It is very rewarding to see the relationship between the younger and older boys become stronger and closer within the boarding community, which was our goal as a collective at the start of the year.


This year was our turn to host the Year 11 and 12 PLC/ Scotch Boarders’ Ball, which proved to be an enjoyable night. Some of the Year 10s waited by serving drinks and food to the boys and their partners. The younger boys also had a number of socials and events that allowed them to socialise with others from a range of schools in the PSA.


To continue the new tradition of the annual Agricultural Day we were fortunate enough to have had the help from a number of regional parents to make the day successful. Fortunately, we had OSC’s Cameron and Spencer Brookes come to assembly to talk about their experiences in the agricultural industry since leaving Scotch. However, on the day we had lamb on the spit (courtesy of the Morrells) with donated milk from Bannister Downs, a tractor tyre flipping competition, a tyre tossing competition, displays of crops, a newly born lamb (thanks to the Willmotts) and a Bucking Bull. The day was a great success and the funds raised were donated to the Royal Flying Doctor Service. We hope the success of the Agricultural Day grows in years to come, as it becomes a bigger event on the Scotch calendar.


Looking back on 2017 there have been many challenges that we have faced as a group; however, the staff, parents and Boarders’ Council have made the journey much smoother for everyone. As the role of the residential community becomes more prestigious within the school we hope that we have continued to establish a platform for the following years to build upon.


I wish the 2018 group all the best in their upcoming year and I am confident that they will continue to help develop the residential community within Scotch College.



Year 12 Reflections

The boys were asked to thing about their time at Scotch and jot down some reflections about their proudest achievements, things that they have learned about themselves, their highlights as well as the things that they will miss. Here is a small taste of what I received back:


Peter Shackles

Proudest achievements at Scotch;

  • Making the First VIII Rowing team in 2017


Something I have discovered about myself;

  • I have discovered that if I really put my mind to it, I can do anything even if I never thought that I could.


Highlight of my time in boarding;

  • Overall being Year 12, being looked up to by the younger boys and having such a close bond with the other boys in my year and my Head of Year, Mr Bradley.


Things I will miss;

  • I will miss Friday marching, competing for the school in sport on Saturdays, the feeling of coming back to the boarding house after holiday breaks, being heavily involved in rowing, the pipe band, singing the school song, having my mates just a couple doors away all the time and most of all, Palmer’s below-par banter.


Angus Campbell

Your proudest achievement(s) in your time at Scotch:

  • Playing bagpipes pipes on Founder’s Day with Liam and my Grandpa

  • Playing tennis and footy


The highlights from your time in boarding:

  • Bib track
  • The people that you meet


What things you will miss:

  • Living with your mates
  • Not having to cook, clean and do washing


Ryan Greaves

Your proudest achievement(s) in your time at Scotch

•Making the scotch college athletics team from year 8 all the way through to year 12 and being fortunate enough to take part in 3 Athletics Alcock wins by Scotch

•Being able to take out the school cross country and have 4 out of the top 5 finishes being from keys

•Being able to partake in the 2016 Scotch Football Alcock cup win 


Something(s) you have discovered about yourself

•I don’t enjoy sitting around I need to be doing something or keeping busy


The highlights from your time in boarding

•Taking part in the bib track from Year 8 to Year 10 until injuries saw me miss two sections.

•Mr Williams and his obscure methods of waking boys up from his Harley to his speaker and air horn 


What things you will miss


•The accessibility to see friends as it is now no longer just a walk down the hall

•Not having to do dishes or cook meals


Cody Siu

During my time at Scotch, I faced many challenges and most of the time I have beaten them but have also failed at some things. Some of my proudest moments was representing Keys House in Chess in which we placed 3rd (the highest Keys had placed in some time).


Things which I’ve discovered by myself was becoming more confident in oral presentations – in the past, I would be very nervous and sweat a lot, but since my two year journey I have discovered I am more confident and not as nervous while doing orals or speaking to teachers.


Highlights from my time in boarding include doing the cooking lessons which we made very delicious chicken parmigiana, playing tag around the boarding house and messing around in each other’s rooms. These will be missed but also friendships will be missed since everyone will be going to different universities and directions pursuing their dreams.  


Owen Siu

Boarding at this school is a chance that not many people ever experience back in the country side. I started in 2016 as a Year 11 student and my experience to board is special: from enjoying the Year 12 ball to studying to become men prepared for life.


One of my proudest achievements has been in sport, particularly hockey. I have played hockey since I was 5 years old and have never stopped playing this sport. In addition, I was awarded with the coach’s award this year. In the future, I will not stop in my dedication of this sport.


The one ability that I have discovered about myself, is to not give up, but to persevere. The very highlight of boarding has to be the friends that are made and the bonds created by those friendships. Not only that, but the specialized facilities that are here to help boys sharpen their skills.


What I will miss as a leaver of Year 12 is the helpful, charismatic teachers that assist in my subjects and the supportive students that helped me push towards the end of the line. The very first thing to thank is my parents that had to sacrifice their life to put me into this school, so I am forever in their debt.


Lachlan Morrell

My proudest achievement at Scotch would definitely be completing the Bib Track. This was a huge achievement for me personally and the people who I completed it with. Another great achievement for me was playing 3rds football and beating Aquinas at Aquinas from the previous game where we were down by 110 points. This topped off my last year of school football, and was a great way to finish off the season.


The main things I have discovered about myself over my time in boarding are to be resilient with problems that I may face. I have also been able to get along with everyone in the boarding house, even if they aren’t in my friendship group, I have still made efforts to be friends with the other blokes in the Boarding house.


The best times in boarding for me would have to be the general mucking around in the boarding house. It’s a great opportunity to be with your mates and have fun as well.


The things I’m going to miss the most about Scotch and boarding is the camaraderie between the boys – especially in the sports teams. The way Scotch boys present themselves at interschool events is great.


Brynn Teakle

Your proudest achievement(s) in your time at Scotch:

•Winning the Football Alcock Cup in year 11. Leading marching.


Something(s) you have discovered about yourself:

•I am a good pool player. I sleep walk. I procrastinate a lot. I’m always late.


The highlights from your time in boarding:

•Watching footy with everyone in the big TV room. Bus rides on the way back from socials. Doing my half-way test with Steve from idrive.


What things you will miss:

•Living with my mates. Playing pool. The view of the playing fields. Free haircuts. Late night yarns. Kicking the footy on the oval. Stretch’s Donuts.


It has been a very enjoyable period in my life and I’m glad I chose to come to Scotch. Thank you to my Mum who works hard to keep me here and my grandparents who come down and visit me 24/7.


Brennan Nicholl

Your proudest achievements in your time at Scotch

•Persevering through and completing the year without crashing and giving up.

•Sticking with footy and eventually making it to the 3rds football team.


Something you have discovered about yourself

•That being a boarder isn’t that bad.


The highlights from your time in boarding

•Moving into the big house and being able to choose someone to room with.

•Playing sport with all the people I live with.


What things you will miss

•All my mates.

•Being able to be back at the boarding house in a couple of minutes after school.  ‚Äč


Tom Menzies

Your proudest achievement(s) in your time at Scotch

•Making the first eleven Cricket team.


Something(s) you have discovered about yourself

•That you can do anything if you put your head to it. Scotch opens up massive opportunities for everybody that goes through the amazing process.


The highlights from your time in boarding

•Bib Track was a massive highlight through my time in boarding at Scotch, as this is not available at any other school or for any day boys at Scotch. It really makes you feel how privileged you are to achieve such a thing.


What things you will miss

•Traditions, things such as marching every Friday as well as Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country. All the things that are unique to Scotch.


George Gibson

My time in the Scotch community was an amazing and rewarding experience. It may not seem like it during the weeks of hard work at school but then you get that one day where everything is fine and you appreciate the opportunity you have in front of you.


Being at Scotch, I have had proud moments; making the 1st 8 Rowing crew, making the 1st 18 Football team in Year 11 and then winning the cup in the same year. Just to name a couple. But the moments when I felt the most honor and pride was receiving the coach’s award for the 2017 Football season and being named the most valued ores-man for the 2017 Rowing season. Because this showed me that I don’t have to be the best player in the team I just can be the best that I can be and do what I believe is right for the team whether that be help run training or packing away after the team has left. I always try to play to my strengths.


I have discovered through the standards at Scotch a clear distinction between right and wrong.  This has influenced many decisions I have made in and out of school and that could be the difference for the rest of my life.


Being a boarder probably is talked down a lot by some but it really is an experience I’m glad I have had. It taught me how to deal with people that I wouldn’t normally get on with. The best part about boarding was the mates that I made and that’s what made the journey worth it, and they will be the people that I miss the most.


Izzat Mazlin


•Achieving two consecutive Academic Excellence awars in Year 9.

•Leading Keys to the Semi-Finals in the 2017 Indoor Soccer, as well as scoring a goal.

•Being nominated for a Spirit Award as a Year 9.

•Being recognized as the seasonal MVP in Year 9 for Basketball.

•Having a positive ratio of goals: games played in Year 10 Soccer.


Something I discovered about myself

•As I grew older, my work ethic improved.

•I gained a liking of various sports such as Basketball.

•I am ambitious.

•Courageous in certain scenarios (studying on the weekend haha).

•Wise decision-maker.


Boarding Highlights

•Paintball – 2015

•Interacting with the year above and forming strong relationships – 2013 2016

•1st Highlander Games (Soccer) 2015

•Meeting every person in my year for the first time 2013


Things that will be missed

•Students, Boarders, Teachers.

•The environment and community in which I lived in for 5 years.

•Interacting with friends before parting ways.

•Playing PSA Sport.


Oli Repton

I started my journey at Scotch in 2012 as a Year 7 and can still remember the times in the Year 7/8 house waking up to Mr Williams’ howling voice like it was yesterday. From starting boarding, to finishing Bib Track in year 12, I’ve progressed as a person and can confidently say that boarding has influenced me for the better.


Completing the Bib Track is definitely something that characterized my time in boarding and has brought with it many long lasting memories and friendships. Throughout the many walks on the Bib, the relationship that Mr Bradley had with the boys grew and translated to some quality banter and friendship back in the boarding house.


The things that I have achieved during my time at Scotch include completing my Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (silver level) completing the Bib Track and also playing 1st XI Hockey which saw the Scotch team come in 4th with tough competition and also being the only team to beat the winning school of Christchurch.


Furthermore, I believed that I have progressed as a person to the state where I am able to stay focused on any task that is needed to be completed. Being a boarder has given me the organization skills, which have helped me through the very important period of Year 12. Not having my parents in my ear telling me to study or to complete work has made me have the discipline to get work done.


Nonetheless, I am going to miss the friendships and community spirt that Scotch boarding has. I will miss the mates whom I live with within boarding and at school. The culture of Scotch is something that I will always remember and pride myself on.


Oli Harding

Proudest achievement

•Leadership role

•State team and Aussie team for Hockey

•Silver and Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards

•Playing 1st team in Hockey for four years  


Something you have discovered about yourself

•Easy going


•Organization is key when studying and everything you do in life

•That I have to accept my mistakes and take onus for the consequences


The highlights from your time in boarding

•Finishing Bib Track


•Vice-Captain for Boarding

•Watching different House Captains lead the house and seeing how different everyone is


What things you will miss

•Signing out everyday for everything

•Living with my mates and being close to everyone

•Having the structure the boarding house provided in terms of study routines

•The help that can be found with ease in the boarding house, the tutors on hand and the teachers that are always around/on duty


Harry Nixon

Proudest achievement(s) in your time at Scotch

•Graduating school 

•Last class at Scotch being History 


Something(s) you have discovered about yourself

•I don’t get on well with some teachers and find it hard to study 

•That I thoroughly enjoy school and will miss it 

•Now I am leaving school I won’t have time to watch movies everyday 


The highlights from your time in boarding

•Having dinners and breakfasts at Bradleys 


What things you will miss

•Being with mates 

•Mucking around in boarding 

•Having good boarding food 


Inter-House Athletics Carnival