Week 9, Winter Term 2017

Residential Head of Year 7 and 8


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Residential Head of Years 7 & 8


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From the Residential Head of Year 7 and 8 - September 2017

As the winter term comes to a close we can look back on a busy term.


The boys in the House are mostly on top of their studies. I do liaise with Mr Brinsden about what is coming up in terms of assessments in the Middle School, and some of the subject coordinators do give me warning if something is on the horizon such as the Medieval Festival. Despite this we do receive the odd email that someone has an overdue assignment and I’m aware parents may also receive these emails. This is where both parents and the House can jointly exert some subtle pressure to get the tasks complete.

Winter Sport

We now come to the end of the winter sports season. I’d like to congratulate Orson Bairstow who has been selected for the State Hockey team. Orson also had a very successful Rugby season for the school. This shows that at this age it is possible to try one sport at school and another for a community team. A large number of the boys were recently involved in Community sport finals, especially Football and Hockey, and I would especially like to commend the boys in the Year 8 Claremont Tigers Football team, who won their Grand Final last Sunday. The House is very grateful to the wider Scotch Community who provided transport and support to our boarding students.


Recently we had the Athletics season. In some ways, this is a bit of a down time for many of the boys as trainings are not compulsory. Kim Whetters, the House Mum, did comment about how nice it was to see the boys coming back to the House after school, having some afternoon tea, and then going to play, whether it be outside, or around board games if it was wet and they were inside. Some of the boys did take up the challenge of the Athletics season, and I commend Brenton Macauley and Edward Graham, who represented the school at both the Quads and the Inters.

Weekend Activities

Most weekends there is a recreational activity offered but because the boys are slow to sign up they are cancelled due to a lack of numbers. I have made the call that all boys who are in the House will attend the activity. For instance, we recently sent all the boys who were in the House on a Saturday afternoon up to the Maze at Wanneroo, and we will probably return there when the weather is warmer and the water slides are in operation. Also a few weeks back we loaded up a bus and took the whole House to the skate park in Bold Park. The boys who had skateboards and scooters were very kind to share them, and I borrowed some helmets from the Outdoor Education Department. There was a basketball court, and a large grassed area beside the skate park so this was a good activity, and it was free.

The Prince and the Pauper

One Thursday evening the whole House went to see the Middle School production of “The Prince and the Pauper”. The standard of the production was very good, and I commend Jarrod Hoyer for his acting, especially his voice that was clear, and carried a long way. He was well supported by his peers. (Jarrod has also recently become a brother again with the birth of his baby sister Lillian). As a consequence of this experience I did speak to the whole House about getting involved in drama, whether it be on the stage or backstage, as the boys live at school and have time on their hands.

At the start of the term we welcomed Oscar Lawrence to the House. Oscar is originally from Perth, but his family have moved to Melbourne in the short term, for business. Despite signing up for a rival community football team, Oscar has settled in well to the House.

We had a very dry start to the winter which was good for sport, but I’m also acutely aware that for many of the parents, the later arrival of the rain, may have caused you significant problems. I’m hopeful that you can salvage enough to justify the effort in planting your crops this year.

In conclusion, I wish all families an enjoyable and well-earned break.