Subjects: Scotch College, Western Australia

Library and Information Services



Fundamental to our web presence, we have Springshare providing us with LibGuides, LibCal and LibAnswer services. Each product works with our sites. 

Salesforce -

A critical part of our operations and project management is managed within the Salesforce product This product is an online cloud service which all staff email when requesting library help. We have 15 individuals working within this space.

Video - ClickView

ClickView forms a critical part of our library services as it allows us to readily stream our rich media capabilities and purchased video content to our community. This service has seen dramatic growth over the past year at Scotch with the integration of LibGuides providing the ability to embed ClickView media content directly in our research guides. 

Our Subscription


At Scotch we subscribe to a jointly-hosted library server with PLC using two management machines, one in the JML and one in the Senior Library. 


We currently subscribe to the Curriculum Library for secondary schools and the Curriculum Plus Library. 

Video - Enhance TV

EnhanceTV provides a service to purchase content that is played on free to air TV. Often the use of this service is necessary to source a show that has been requested and we are unable to obtain from our ClickView service. In addition, this service is used to purchase  digital content instead of DVD due to the lack of DVD drives within most of our devices. 

WA Library Supplies

When looking for very specific library needs, we often use WA Library Supplies for our covering contact and various other small supplies. In addition to this, we have purchased from them several pieces of furniture for our Junior Middle Library. 


In recent years we have purchased a lot of custom furniture from Burgtec, who are a local fabricator and distributor.


Raeco is a supplier from whom we have purchased furniture, along with various library display materials and genre labels. 

HB Displays

A local Perth supplier, they worked with us to create acrylic products such as book ends and displays.

Book Legger

The Book Legger provides resources in print format and is a reseller for various digital databases. 

JSTOR - Aluka


World Newspapers Press Display

EBSCO Psychology


EBSCO Business

EBSCO Reference Centre

EBSCO History

EBSCO Literature